Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Because sometimes a photo really is worth a thousand words

...even if the photo is blurry because of pouring rain and bad angles and late night darkness.

(Explanation: this is how the Circus Elephants arrive in NYC and travel from the Midtown Tunnel into Madison Square Garden every year. They march down 34th Street at midnight. More (and better!) photos here.

P.S. I heart NY.


  1. That is so cool. I would have loved to see that in person! Why do they march them down the street instead of trucking them in? (I've never been to NY so I am clueless).

  2. Okay, never mind! I clicked the link and read the article. How awesome that NY allows them to do this.

  3. I would've loved to have seen this. I love elephants and I love New York.

    Every time I visit the city of my birth (I was born in Brooklyn, but Manhattan's close enough) I can't stop saying, "I love New York, I love New York." It's like a mantra, and it's true. I love New York. There's no place like it. It's magical, beautiful, amazing, etc... Okay, I'll stop now.

  4. DUDE! New York is so much cooler than Texas!

  5. This is so cool. So glad I read your blog daily.

  6. That is amazing! If it can happen, it happens in NYC.
    It IS my favorite City (isn't it everyones) and though I've only been to visit it a handful of times, it became home immediately.
    I could live there in a heartbeat, if only I was young once more... and, oh, American:)