Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let's Talk About Middle Grade!

A couple days ago, literary agent pal Michael Bourret and I got to talking about middle grade books--about what makes the great ones so great, and about how we're both eternally hungry to discover that kind of memorable middle grade for our own respective lists. And the more we chatted, the more we thought it would be an interesting conversation to have "out loud."

So in a week or two, we're going to have a two-part blog conversation about middle grade (or as some folks call 'em, tween books); the first half on the Dystel & Goderich Literary Agency blog, and the second half right here on 10 Block Walk. In other words, exciting bloggish times are ahead, oh readers!

But first, we want to know: what curiosities and questions do you have about the writing and craft (and publishing) of MG books? Leave a comment here, or on Michael's post today on the D&G blog (or tweet me or Michael) and we'll use some of your comments as jumping-off points for our upcoming chats.

P.S. No question's too big, too small, or too silly!