Monday, August 24, 2009

Of birthdays, chocolate innards, & My New Intern

Last week, I had a birthday. And thanks to that birthday, I now have proof that my editorial colleagues at Katherine Tegen Books are some of the most AWESOME-TASTIC CREATIVE GENIUSES a girl could ever hope to work with. Because what did they present me with?

This guy!

That's right, an office piñata!!
Best. Office. Gift. Ever!!!
I'm not sure words can express just how much office-wide delight this led to on a mid-week afternoon, so why I don't I show you?

First, the pinata spent a quiet moment, preparing for his piñata Destiny:

Pinata Destiñy, in case you were wondering, looks a bit like this:

It also looks like this:

And this:

And something like this:

And, finally, of course, it looks like this:

Those of you who like happy endings to stories will be glad to know that aside from a now-wobbly waistline, the piñata came through his ordeal fairly intact, all things considered (perhaps he should be glad his Destiny involved a mailing tube and not a baseball bat?)

He has now taken up residence in my office, where I'm thinking that his courage in the face of danger has earned him the title of My New Intern. I mean, after staring down a roomful of people bent on his demise, I'm thinking that filing and tackling my stacks of submissions should seem quite tame in comparison, right?


  1. Best. Fun. Evar.
    I wanna work there! Except for the reading headaches...and take-home work... :-D

  2. I haven't taken a smack at a pinata in years! Another bonus to keep him arounding is that you can give him a good kick when you need to vent some frustration.

    You have the best team. Happy belated birthday!

  3. I love him and his suave moooostache!
    Happy belated Birthday, Molly!

  4. That is super Molly! I'm with Joanna, too, that is a groovy moustache.