Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Interview about Marketing

Shelli at Market My Words runs a great regular series of in-depth interviews with industry folks on her blog. Recently, she asked me some questions about marketing, a topic about which I still do lots of thinking, even though I officially hung up my Marketing Department hat a few years back to become an editor. I answer her smart questions over here, so head on over if marketing is a topic of interest to you. (P.S. As with any industry interview, please do remember that I'm sharing my opinions, based on my own perceptions and experiences--but they're only my opinions, not necessarily gospel truth!)


  1. Molly, after being 'handled' by you and your Clarion marketing department, I can I can attest to your marketing expertise. I hope lots of people read and learn from your interview. (I even linked to it from my own blog.) Enjoy your new job! Wendie Old

  2. Thanks for the link on your blog, Wendie, and for the nice words both here and there!