Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WriteOnCon redux

 There were some complications with the WriteOnCon website today (the kind where two thousand people all try to log on at the same moment and crash the server, oops), so in case you missed it, here's a post from me about giving yourself permission as a writer.

Also, brilliant colleagues/pals Martha Mihalick (editor), Holly Root (agent), and I made our debut as vlogging fools, er, publishing mythbusters, and you can check out the advice and inadvertent moments of hilarity here. And, I'll also be participating in the live Panel of Professionals on Thursday evening at 9 p.m.; hope to chat with some of you there.

But my contributions are just a small part of all the awesomeness of WriteOnCon. Check out what's happening over the next two days here, and be sure to follow @WriteOnCon on Twitter for real-time updates, too!


  1. You were great, Molly! My favorite moment was the "package" comment. Hilarious! This whole WriteOnCom is an amazing gift to the writing community. Thank you!

  2. The package comment did almost make me spit coffee out my nose! You ladies do a great vlog. I loved your post on giving yourself permission. It was very inspiring. I'm looking forward to the chat tonight. Thank you so much for being part of WriteOnCon!

  3. Okay, how was I NOT following this blog?????

    Thank you again Molly--for everything! You are so awesome! *reaches through the screen to hug you* :)

  4. I really enjoyed the live chat on Thursday. Thank you for your insights - they were invaluable!

  5. Hi Molly!
    I stumbled across this blog today, and I'm delighted to see your still working in children's publishing. We worked together when you were at Clarion and I just published my first picture book.
    Hope your doing well!
    Daniel J. Mahoney

  6. Daniel, hello! So nice of you to stop by and to leave me a note. I of course remember your first book, and hope there have been many more since!

    And hello/welcome/happy writing to everyone else, too!

  7. The WriteOnCom was terrific, and I loved your vlog and your session on giving yourself permission! Thank you, to you and all the other presenters, for sharing your time and expertise with us.

  8. Came across this blog through Sarah Janes blog. I was wondering if you could possibly give me some advice about the publishing world? I have no idea where to start, and Sarah mentioned you were a great mentor.
    if you get the time, my email is
    Thanks, and I'm looking forward to reading your future blog posts!
    Melissa Mae Johnson