Thursday, August 19, 2010

Busy summer, quiet blog!

The blog's been far quieter than I meant it to be this summer...but there have been lots of books to make (and, oh, they are such *GOOD* books! I can't wait till you can read them!), and ice cream to eat, and trips to take, and subways stations to sweat in (hey, this is NYC after all) . . . and somehow, somehow it's late August already.

Speaking of summer in NYC, how about some photos of last night's gorgeous sunset in Central Park? Since a picture's worth a thousand words and all, here are two to kinda-sorta catch up on all the words I haven't written on this blog this summer.

Hope you've all been busy collecting memorable moments (and wonderful books) of your own this summer, too!


  1. The sunset is great. I can't wait for the next Manhattan-Henge!

  2. What beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us. Summer has a way of slipping away before we know it doesn't it?!

  3. Wow. Those pictures are great! Love sunset and sunrise pictures. Just something about them. Sunrises are my favorite, though.

    Summer sure did slip by, didn't it?

  4. Fall & winter are the seasons for blogging. Not quite as fun to be taking pictures, being outside, etc., etc.