Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yes. This.

"But what I really crave in a good bookshop...is a touch of irregularity, a chaos that is partly disorder and partly the inner order of the proprietor's mind....The reason we still go to good bookshops is also the reason we have a few friends over for dinner instead of inviting everyone. We like the selectness of the company, the likelihood of sharing common interests, the chance to make discoveries guided by minds and sensibilities we already trust."--Verlyn Klinkenborg, "Book Lover's London," Travel + Leisure Magazine.

Do you know a great bookstore that fits the description above? Tell us about it in the comments!


  1. Yes! Actually, it's a secondhand bookstore set in a dank and gloomy basement. The atmosphere is eerie but awesome. Books seem to crawl up the walls and reach for the ancient piping above. And they have some of the rarest books there. It's great!

  2. There is a second hand/first hand bookshop, which is a hole in the wall sort ofplace. You can barely move in it without knocking somthing, but you know the owner behind the till has read every single book in the place!

  3. There is a wonderful rambling bookstore on Piedmont in Oakland. And of course Powell's, where I was lucky to work for a while. And I got to visit Strand Bookstore on my sole visit to NY. LOVE those types of bookstores!

  4. There's a bookstore like this in Tucson Az, Bookstop (at least it used to be there!)

    And Bookmans is also great, and they've got a couple of locations. I could spend hours in there! It's the size of a grocery store, and looks almost identical to your picture! It's overwhelming, chaotic but has some order. I always end up with some books that I didn't plan on buying when I walked in (or even knew existed!)