Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why I Work in Publishing (in brief)

There are a million reasons I could tell you. Catch me in person some time, in fact, and you'll be hard-pressed to avoid me telling you some of them, probably whether you've even asked or not! ;) In fact, maybe "Why I Work in Publishing" should become a regular feature on this blog.

But for now, as the simplest answer to that question, I'll point to this. Reviews like this--heartfelt responses from readers like this--are why I work in publishing, and specifically, why I work in children's/YA books. Because I get to help make books that carry this much power, for readers of every age. Because stories become a part of us and stay with us forever and shape the person we become in the world and the mark we choose to leave on it. Because the things a writer has to say, and the words s/he crafts, can become black marks on white paper (or the technological equivalent thereof) that just might make someone else want to become a better person. And I get to help make all of that happen.

Does there need to be any other reason?


  1. It's a lovely review. It's the best compliment to hear (as editor or writer) something you had a hand in creating changed someone. Congrats!

  2. Yay Molly! That must be a lovely feeling, to know you played such a large role in creating something that touches other people's lives.

    It really is a great book. :)

  3. I think that's why most of us do it, right? (Or at least I hope so!)

    At some point, we've all read a novel (or eleven) that shaped us... and that's what we can hope ours will do for others. :)

  4. Hi Molly! This is so cool -- glad you enjoyed the review and Lauren's premise -- on the connectedness of people and actions -- once again proves out! It is amazing how a book can touch so many hearts...