Monday, February 22, 2010

Win...stuff. Good stuff. Oh, and help make Something Awesome happen.

Random bit of relatively useless editorial knowledge of the day: once upon a time, they'd have called this a Box Social.

Today, though, I think the technical term is "Lots of Awesome People Banding Together to Collectively Make Something Really Good Happen." In this case, the "Something Really Good" is Fire Petal Books, a kids/YA bookstore that my editorial colleague, Michelle Witte, is trying to get off the ground in her home state of Utah (which just happens to be a very kid & family-centric place, so her plan makes a great lot of sense). But nothing gets started without a lot of work. And a lot of Awesome People.

That's where you come in.

If you're feeling up to maybe Being Awesome, go take a look at the auction that Michelle has going on the Fire Petal website:
  • And there's lots of other nifty stuff, too, including parties and jewelry, oh my!
So go nuts! Bid high! Bid a lot! Bid often, and over and over, from now till the auction ends on March 20th, and until we've all really helped make this bookstore happen. Okay?

And thanks. You're Awesome.

P.S. Have something you want to offer for the auction? Autographed books, publishing services, anything else that you could donate that someone else might want? Contact Michelle through her website or Twitter; she's adding more itemsto the auction everyday!


  1. Very cool. Fire Petal Books looks amazing. I really hope she gets to make this dream a reality. Sounds like it will be great for kids, great for readers, great for the world!
    I checked out the auction and... may I just say? WOW! A critique from Ms. Molly O'Neill is worth a lot of money! You're going to bring in some *bank* for them. That's gotta make you feel good!

  2. Oh, man, how did I miss this earlier? What an awesome idea! I would to have a place like that to hang at with the kidlets. So cool--I really hope she gets it up and running.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Aw. These comments make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I hope the store gets up and running too. Then you'll all have to come for a visit so I can meet you.