Thursday, May 7, 2009

Q&A: Authors, Dead or Alive version

If you could ask one question--mundane or profound--of any one author, living or dead, who would you ask, and what would your question be?

I'm typically much better at coming up with questions for other people than answering them myself (this is why I'm an editor). But since I know I'll get scolded if I don't play my own game, here's at least one of mine (and I admit this is as much for the curious editor in me as for the young reader I once was): Louisa May Alcott - Of course you must have known that many readers would want Jo to marry Laurie. Did you ever try writing scenes of the two of them together, just to see what it might look like?


  1. I'd like to know if JK Rowling ever toys around with ideas for an eighth Harry Potter book.

  2. Dear Shel Silverstein,
    Is your sad allegory about relationships in THE MISSING PIECE really how you feel about relationships? And if so, why did you write a happier story with THE MISSING PIECE MEETS THE BIG O? Were they stories about real relationships?

  3. Dear Dean Koontz-

    Who is your Aspie? Tell me about them?


  4. Dear Emily Bronte,

    How many drafts did you do on Wuthering Heights?


  5. Dear Libba Bray,

    A TREE? Really?

  6. And that is the beauty of the "olden days." These days, you'd get Alcott's deleted scenes posted on her blog and all the mystery and wonder would be gone. I definitely prefer not knowing the answer to that question. My question:

    Mr. Averbeck and Ms. Tusa,

    Just to clarify: you do realize the room is yellow and NOT blue, right?

    Snarky, I know...I'll probably regret typing this...but, for the record, I felt Tusa was robbed for both "Fred Stays with Me" and "At Night."

  7. Except that Tricia Tusa did not illustrate "At Night"...

    What was I thinking? Maybe that Jonathan Bean was robbed as well...