Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dear Writers and Artists of SCBWI-Iowa

I am coming to meet you! Like, tomorrow. Like, I should be packing my suitcase right now instead of blogging (but I despise packing, so here I am). But I am quite looking forward to meeting you all, despite the fact that it will eventually involve packing. See you soon!

P.S. to writers and artists who aren't in Iowa: keep an eye on the "Places We Might Meet" list on the sidebar. I'll made some updates and will hopefully be adding another conference or two soon.


  1. We are thrilled to have you! Also, I'll see your "despise" of packing and raise you a "loathe."

    I surprised my husband on his 40th birthday by kidnapping him at work and whisking him away on a mystery trip to NYC. His bosses were in on it. In fact, they had taken it upon themselves to heap tons of fictional work on him, so Mike thought he'd be spending his entire birthday weekend working. Even when I told him it was okay for him to leave work, Mike was still a little baffled by it all. I think it finally sunk in when, on the way to the airport, he turned and said, "You PACKED?"

    Good luck with your packing (I need it, too). I hope the Good Travel Fairy smiles on you all the way to the Heartland.

    Kellye Crocker
    Twitter: @kelcrocker

  2. Hi!

    I look forward to meeting you too! I am ready to soak it all in!

    Hopefull we won't be surprised by a snowstorm this weekend.

    Until tomorrow,

    Debbie L
    Also known as Little Debbie, though I'm not sure why

  3. Looking forward to meeting you Molly, we've got quite a group of writers in Iowa. I too must finish my packing. A weekend devoted entirely to writing--that's my motivation to get my bag packed.
    Kimberly Cowger

  4. I just finished packing! Am so looking forward to this weekend and meeting you. Safe travels and see you in Iowa soon!

  5. I should be packing, but am writing a comment on this blog instead.

    Looking forward to meeting you and learning about character development!!! ~S :o)

  6. Thanks for the Iowa shout out Molly! I am very much looking forward to meeting you at the conference and spending a weekend surrounded only by the wonderful world of children's literature.

    Safe travels to you and see you soon...

    katie giorgio

  7. Almost 10:30 pm here and I still haven't packed. This normally wouldn't be a big deal, except I've been vowing to pack since about 2:30 this afternoon. I'm getting picked up tomorrow at 8:45, which is pretty early for me, so I need to pack pretty much tonight. And it's not like it's some week in Europe or something. It's not that big of deal, but I still haven't done it and (even worse) I always do this even when I say I won't. Hope everyone else is doing better than me.

  8. Packing-Schmacking! What more do I need for this exciting weekend other than my creativity, rapier wit (ha!), sense of adventure and charming disposition? (And maybe a clean pair of undies!)

    Looking forward to meeting you Molly. I will be the one wearing the big smile and the same clothes everyday!

    Andrea Mattingly

  9. Oh how I love the witty banter of our Iowa writers! Looking foward to seeing you ALL!

  10. Thanks for a stellar presentation, Molly! Your suggestions will be very helpful as I revise, revise, and revise, again.

    Debbie Wagenbach

  11. I hope you're having a great time in Iowa. Can I put in a personal request that you end up near New England sometime soon? :) I've learned so much from your blog and various places about the web, and I look forward to meeting you in person someday!

  12. I am a new author, I write children's books but am lost in this new world of publishing. Do you know of any place looking for submissions or where I might find an agent to help me? I believe I have a talent for writing children's stories, I just need some direction.

  13. lol- oops-I see I was under my son's account above:)

  14. Great meeting all of you great writers this weekend! Happy writing now w/ all the inspiration you collected.

    @Faith: I'm not lined up for any New England conferences at the moment, but I go where invited (if I can), so you can try suggesting me to your local conference chapters....

    @Cody: is a good place for beginning writers to learn about how the industry works. Some of the other writers on this chain may have other suggestions for you, too.