Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer (Vacation) Reading List

I'm going on a vacation soon (although first I'll be here...will I meet any of you there?) and have already mentally begun packing. Packing the books, that is. There are few things I despise as much as the actual packing-packing. Planning out which books will accompany me is far more pleasant than checking and worrying if I've chosen the right shoes. So here's what's going in my bookbag--and yes, I'm being WILDLY optimistic about how much reading I'll actually do over the course of a week, but it's important to have options, right? (That said, all items below are subject to last-minute, suitcase-too-heavy fits of purging.)

Some grown-up books for a change for heaven's sake!

So Many Ways to Begin - Jon McGregor's first book, If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things, is one of my favorite adult books. I'm several years behind reading his next book, but am hoping I'll love it just as much.
Good Things I Wish You - A. Manette Ansay was one of my professors in college, and her writing is gorgeous! I've been looking forward to this, her newest novel, for a long, long time.
The Best of Everything - A bookseller pal on Twitter (@bookavore) raved about this one, and told me that every gal in publishing should read this book. I'm nothing if not obedient.

In case I need to revert to my comfort zone/native language of YA/MG:

This Lullaby - I'm on a Sarah Dessen kick (I've only read two of her books so far, but am speeding to catch up) and when I asked the collective brain of Twitter which of her books should be next, this got the vote.
That Summer - One summery Sarah Dessen book might not be enough (especially if all the adult books above end up disappointing as grown-up books sometimes do), so I thought I'd read her very first and see how it compares to her more recent books.
The Kind of Friends We Used to Be - this is the companion/sequel to one of my favorite middle grades, The Secret Language of Girls. I've wanted to read it for awhile, and am looking very forward, despite the non-summery cover art!

For soaking up inspiration alongside the ocean air:

Walking on Water - my favorite, well-worn copy of all Madeleine L'Engle's books on the intersection of faith and creativity and art. I find new revelations every time I re-read it.
At the Corner of the Eye - a poetry collection by Pat Hooper, who I discovered in an anthology earlier this year and quite liked.
*My trusty moleskine travel notebook (I like these ones b/c they're nice and thin and take up next-to-no-space) to catch all the thoughts that fall out of my head while I remember what it means to relax!

Book reports on at least some of the above to follow! In the meanwhile, tell me...what's in YOUR vacation bag and/or on your summer pleasure reading list?


  1. Here's what we're currently reading:
    Sam: Founding Myths, by Ray Raphael (assigned for next year's AP US History class)
    Hugh: Nothing (Attempting to make a point that the library has NOTHING good right now, and anyway, he says he is waiting until the next Dan Abnett book comes out but will maybe consider reading Surfer Magazine in the meantime.)
    Me: Re-reading Two Years Before the Mast, by RH Dana
    B: A Cook's Tour, by Anthony Bourdain.
    (Love your list of summer reading!)

  2. I feel like my 'Too Be Read' pile is so huge, I need a forklift to carry all the books. The most immediate are:
    1. the new nora roberts book
    2. the treasure map of boys by e. lockhart (scored an arc)
    3. struts & frets by Jon skavov (another arc)
    4. dreamland by heather hepler and brad barkley
    5. along for the ride: sarah dessen

  3. Ha! I am doing the same thing, avoiding thinking about outfits to pack on my upcoming cross-country flight, and thinking about the books instead! You will probably get a lot of reading done- that NY-Oregon flight is a killa. So far I've only got SAVVY waiting in my rucksack- I think I'll need a few more.